Brilliant Budgeting

This is a practical and highly interactive one-day workshop focusing on the annual headache for all businesses – the annual budget process! We will look at what goes into a budget, the process of building it up from scratch and how to monitor it once it is up and running.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • Have always dreaded the budget cycle rolling around again as you’ve never understood its core concepts and how it is put together in its entirety
  • Have some budget responsibility or are involved in monitoring a budget 
  • Want to understand the common pitfalls in the budgeting process and how to avoid/mitigate them
  • Want to know how to avoid overspend 
  • Want to know when you need to get back on track

Your key learnings:-

  • The definition and purpose of a budget
  • Different ways of preparing a budget – incremental, zero-based, top-down and bottom-up
  • Common pitfalls in putting together the budget
  • Different costs and their behaviour 
  • How a budget is put together from start to finish, so you can see your part in the jigsaw
  • Understanding departmental budgets and also the need for capital and cash budgets to support the budget as a whole
  • How to monitor variances from budget and when to step in

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