Building a Compelling Business Case

This is a practical and highly interactive one-day workshop focusing on the key steps required in putting together a well-structured business case.  Organisations will only commit to a project/investment on the basis of a rigorously researched and prepared business case which ensures strategic alignment and the effective use of valuable resources.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • Want to improve your approach and success when constructing a business case
  • Want to learn a tried and tested methodology to use when putting together business cases for the approval of key stakeholders
  • Want to know how to organise your key findings to make them more compelling
  • Want to understand what your key stakeholders are influenced by when considering different business cases

Your key learnings:-

  • The key building blocks of all successful business cases
  • The Six Steps to follow when compiling a well-structured business case
  • How to identify and manage key stakeholders
  • The importance of your team
  • The relevant costs you need to consider when putting your case together
  • The costs you can ignore
  • The 3 main investment appraisal techniques – Payback Period, ROI and Discounted Cash Flow techniques
  • Tips to help you prepare for your presentation

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