Finance for Non-Financial Directors

As a director it is important that you understand the financial impact on the business of your decisions.  Do you feel confident that you understand the true picture represented by your statutory accounts, bearing in mind this is your responsibility as well as that of the Finance Director?!  Are you able to ask the necessary questions relating to finance to work through to your desired outcome?

All directors need to understand the fundamentals of finance to lead their organisations in a strategically effective manner.   

We have designed this workshop for senior management and directors to ensure that they leave able to understand their financial statements and thus hold their own in financial discussions around the boardroom table.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • Would like to participate more confidently in conversations involving finance at board level 
  • Want to understand what your financial reports and statements reveal about your organisation’s financial health 
  • Want to understand the financial impact on your organisation’s bottom line of different strategic decisions
  • Want to cut through financial terminology and jargon with ease (not getting bamboozled along the way!)

Your key learnings:-

  • The duties and responsibilities of a director
  • The purpose and layout of an Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • How to increase your bottom line by adjusting financial and non-financial profit drivers
  • The importance of liquidity 
  • The impact of gearing on an organisation’s returns
  • How to use key ratios to give you a good idea of a company’s financial health

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