Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This is a practical and highly interactive one-day workshop focusing on the key financial statements of any business – the Income Statement (also known as the Profit and Loss Account), the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement.   Understanding these will enable you to make financial decisions with greater clarity, understanding their impact on the business from a financial perspective.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • Would like to participate more confidently in conversations involving finance with senior leaders
  • Want to get to grips with financial jargon
  • Want to understand your organisation’s key financial reports
  • Want to impact your organisation’s bottom line by understanding both financial and non-financial profit drivers
  • Want to understand the financial impact of any decisions you take on the organisation’s bottom line
  • Want to know how to quickly determine an organisation’s financial health by answering 10 key questions
  • Have some P&L budget responsibility

Your key learnings:-

  • The purpose and layout of the three main financial statements, and the relationship between them
  • The principles and concepts that underpin financial reporting
  • The layout and structure of an Income Statement/ Profit and Loss Account
  • How to increase your bottom line by understanding both financial and non-financial profit drivers
  • The layout and structure of the Statement of Financial Position/ the Balance Sheet
  • The importance of liquidity – keeping the cash flowing through a business
  • The impact of gearing on an organisation’s returns
  • How to use key ratios to give you a good idea of a company’s financial health

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