Finance for Public Sector Managers

Public sector, not for profit organisations and charities do not have commercial owners and exist to meet needs that improve society as a whole.   Certain aspects of their financial statements will differ from those of a private enterprise (for example they have no shareholders’ equity) and will be explained during this workshop.

Attending this course will enable public sector/charity managers to make financial decisions with greater clarity, understanding their impact on the organisation from a financial perspective, and helping them to make the most effective use of their resources.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • Would like to participate more confidently in conversations involving finance with senior leaders
  • Want to get to grips with financial jargon
  • Want to understand your organisation’s key financial reports
  • Want to impact your organisation’s surplus by understanding both financial and non-financial drivers
  • Want to know how to quickly determine an organisation’s financial health by answering 10 key questions
  • Have some P&L budget responsibility

Your key learnings:-

  • The purpose and layout of the three main financial statements, and the relationship between them
  • The principles and concepts that underpin financial reporting
  • The layout and structure of an Income Statement/ Profit and Loss Account
  • How to increase your surplus by understanding both financial and non-financial drivers
  • The layout and structure of the Statement of Financial Position/ the Balance Sheet
  • The importance of liquidity – keeping the cash flowing through a business entity
  • The impact of gearing on an organisation’s returns
  • How to use key ratios to give you a good idea of your organisation’s financial health

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