Management Accounts for Non-Financial Managers

This is a practical and highly interactive one-day workshop which focuses on the internal financial nuts and bolts of any organisation – managing costs, budgets and working out which projects are worthy of investment.

It’s perfect for you if you:-

  • Have some budget responsibility or are involved in putting together and monitoring budgets
  • Want to understand your organisation’s monthly financial reports
  • Want to understand the financial impact of any decisions you take, particularly with regards to investment projects
  • Want to put together a winning cost/benefit analysis
  • Want to increase your financial knowledge and confidence when talking to senior leaders about company performance

Your key learnings:-

  • How different types of cost behave and how this changes with levels of output
  • How to calculate breakeven point
  • The relevant costs for decision making, and also which you can ignore
  • How to appraise different capital projects – working out which is best for your organisation and its strategic objectives
  • Understanding Payback Period, ROI and Discounted Cash Flows
  • How to put together a cost/benefit analysis
  • How budgets are put together 
  • How to monitor performance in relation to the budget, and when to step in to bring back on track

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